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Rapid Prototyping

MCT Ltd. can offer high quality prototypes using a large rage of rapid prototyping techniques and processes. Part can be dispatched within 2 days depending on the process chosen and complexity of the part. Batch sizes from 1 part to many hundreds are no problem for MCT.

Rapid Prototyping is an essential tool in new product development process. Its important to prove a design in as close to production intent materials to be confident that your design is fit for purpose especially if you intend to invest in mould tools or other production tooling.

3D Printing

3D printed prototypes are ideal for manufacturing
Very thin walled and small complex prototypes.
We can provide SLA and SLS prototypes in a variety of plastic materials. Send you CAD model

Sheet Metal Parts

Laser cutting, water cutting stamping & bending. Steels, aluminum and plastic. Spot welding laser welding and many other Fabrication and assembly processes.

Injection Molding

Prototype parts in plastic resins as production intent.
Rapid tooling manufacture using steel or aluminum tools.
Multi Unit Die with interchangeable inserts can be use to keep tooling cost to an minimum.
DFM reports provided prior to starting any tooling.
Tools are often used for pre series production thus reducing your time to market.
Over moulding tools also manufactured
Compression moulded prototypes in various rubbers and silicones.
Prototype HPDC tooling also available.

Aluminum Extrusion

Low to high volume Extruded Parts in aluminum alloys.

Post operations such as machining, painting, pad and screen printing, laser engraving, anodizing and plating

Investment Casting

Rapid low cost tooling.
Castings in materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steels & Titanium.
The actual casting process takes approximately 5 days.

CNC Machining

High speed Precision CNC machining using modern highly efficient equipment.
Fast CAD to CAM programming.
Tight tolerances down to 0.01mm
A variety of materials available.