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Plastic Mould

Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold
MCT Ltd specializes in the design, development and manufacture of advanced precision, high quality, low cost plastic injection tooling. We can manufacture tooling for such diverse markets as: Electrical connector, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronic Packaging, Agricultural and many more.

Lead times can be as short as 10 days.

We can provide the following tooling technologies for plastic and rubber products:

● Cold runner mould.
● Hot Runner Injection mould
● Insert Mould
● Over Mould
● Two-Shot Mold
● Unscrewing Mould
● Blow mould
● Compression mould

● Mould measurement reports available.
● Steel and heat treatment certificates always provided.

Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold
Once an order is placed with MCT Ltd. A very detailed Design For Manufacture (DFM) report is produced and sent to the customer for evaluation, feed back and approval. Each DFM will contain suggested product changes to avoid quality issues and prolong the tool life.

The DFM will consist of:
● Mold flow analysis.
● Draft and wall section analysis.
● Weld line and air trap analysis.
● Gate size,position and type.
● Ejector pin position.
● Surface finishes. (textures or polished)
● Parting line positions.
● Any other information relevant to producing a high quality product and tool.

We can deal with 3D data and drawings in iges, step parasolid and dxf formats.

After the DFM has been agreed a comprehensive 3D CAD tool design is constructed and reviewed in detail by our engineering team amended where appropriate and then sent to our customer for approval.

Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold
MCT insists that each stage of the tooling manufacture is strictly controlled by the QA technicians.
After each operation the steel is inspected.
Every electrode fully certified before use.

● High speed CNC machining.

● Precision wire cutting.

● Single head and dual head EDM.

● Surface grinding.

● LKM, DME and HASCO mould base.

● Tools up to 25 tonnes.

High quality tool steels will be chosen that are appropriate for each tool design. These materials will be specified on your quotation.

Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold Plastic Mold