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MCT Ltd are able to supply superior High Pressure Die Cast tooling at a competitive price.
Working with our established partners to design, development and manufacture, robust long lasting high quality tooling that can withstand riggers of this demanding process. We can produce tools for the hot and cold chamber process.
We can supply high precision castings in certified materials such a aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys, we can CNC machine, add coatings and paint. Supplying the complete part ready for your production line.
It is standard practice to supply the trimming tools for each part to remove runner and overflows.

This is a demanding process therefore the steel materials, design technology and the construction of the tool is paramount.

All tooling materials used are fully certified and the recommended material for your design will be offered in the quotation

Design For Manufacture (DFM) reports are produced and sent to the customer for evaluation, feed back and approval.
Each DFM will contain suggested product changes to avoid quality issues and prolong the tool life.

The DFM will consist of:
● Mold flow analysis (if required)
● Draft and wall section analysis.
● Gate size, position and type.
● Ejector pin position.
● Parting line positions.
● Any other information relevant to producing a high quality product and tool.

We can deal with 3D data and drawings in iges, step parasolid and dxf formats.

After the DFM has been agreed a comprehensive 3D CAD tool design is constructed and reviewed in detail by our engineering team amended where appropriate and then sent to our customer for approval.