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Die Casting Die Casting Die Casting Die Casting
MCT Ltd. can provide high quality precision die cast parts in materials such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys.
From design concept, to production and packaging, MCT is professional in die casting, with clients ranging from large
appliance manufacturing companies to the automotive industry.
MCT solves problems. We can take the most complex design specifications and turn them into a finished product.
MCT handles all aspects of die casting from mould design and testing, to component manufacturing, finishing and packaging.
We know that on-time delivery is important to your bottom line, so we make it a top priority.

Please note that MCT can also provide:
Investment castings, Gravity Die Castings and Sand Castings.

Die casting machines locking capacities are from 150 tons to 1200 tons.

Once the castings have been produced our team at MCT can provide addition process to supply your castings complete and ready for use.

Machining process available:
Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading, CNC machining, etc.

Sand blasting, polishing, plating, anodizing, painting and powder coating.

Quality Control:
All parts would come with a inspection report and material certification.

Other destructive and none destructive testing: Chemical component analysis, hardness testing, tensile testing, impact testing. Pressure testing.